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COVID-19 Response

As we face the evolving Coronavirus pandemic, Dock Health has decided to do everything we can to help our fellow providers by making Dock free for anyone who needs it.

In addition, we have created a “CDC Coronavirus/COVID-19 Toolkit” with many of the phenomenal Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 resources, guidelines and materials made into actionable checklists on Dock. We will continue to build on these resources as we learn what the community needs and how we can best help.

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Dock Health is a HIPAA compliant task management and collaboration platform designed for healthcare. 

We feel compelled to act in the face of this public health emergency. Let us provide the structure, you focus on what matters.


CDC Resources Preloaded and Ready 

to go as Team Checklists on Dock


Getting organized and determining who is doing what is difficult in an emergency. Every "Code" needs a leader who knows the protocols and helps their team get the job done. We've taken the amazing resources from the Centers for Disease Control and distilled them down to actionable,

team task lists you can deploy right now. Below are the protocols and guidelines preloaded on Dock.


Hospital Preparedness

CDC - COVID-19 Hospital Preparedness Assessment Tool


Healthcare Facilities Preparedness

CDC - Steps Healthcare Facilities Can Take Now to Prepare for COVID-19


Healthcare Professional Preparedness

CDC - Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist For Transport and Arrival of Patients With Confirmed or Possible COVID-19


For Patients with Confirmed COVID-19 or Persons Under Investigation

CDC - Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed COVID-19 or Persons Under Investigation for COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings

Homes and Residential Communities

CDC - Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Homes and Residential Communities

Healthcare Facilities

CDC - Interim Guidance for Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Community Transmission of COVID-19 in the United States: Actions to take now to prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19


Long-Term Care Facilities

CDC - Strategies to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities 


​Protocols, Practice Guidelines and Posters

Library of CDC & WHO - COVID-19 Protocols, Practice Guidelines and Posters

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We have built a system to help healthcare teams get on the same page. In the face of this impending crisis, we feel compelled to act and provide our platform to whomever will find it helpful. Now more than ever, we are all providers.  


It's Time to 
Be Prepared


In a public health emergency, visibility and accountability while collectively working on complex protocols are critical to success. We’ve added the best from the CDC and Dock is flexible for you to customize your own processes and team checklists. Prioritize the ToDos and delegate tasks across your teams. Assign tasks to the right people, know the status of each important step. Stay on top of the moving parts and pieces.

Healthcare is complicated and this is only amplified during a public health crisis. Information is fragmented, teams are distributed. Invite any trusted user to help get organized as a team, prioritize and focus on things that matter most.


Dock can help you and your team focus on preparing for COVID-19 response and caring for patients. Stress and cognitive burden can be high in an emergency; Dock can help you and your team focus on what is important and stay on track. 

Questions and Answers

Dock Health COVID-19 Response 


What can Dock do? 

Dock is a way to get clinicians and their teams on the same page. It is a secure way to capture, assign, delegate, prioritize, and track clinical and administrative tasks together. Dock is a hub for all of your tasks from personal to organizational. We provide the structure and process that is missing in healthcare, helping to create a highly reliable practice where there is accountability, transparency and loops finally get closed.

We feel that our platform has enormous potential to be helpful in this current public health emergency. Simply put, we want to be a public service during this challenging time and are offering Dock for free to help teams across the healthcare ecosystem.

Who is Dock meant for? 

In the setting of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, we imagine that any clinical, public health and governmental agency would find our platform helpful. We have built an incredibly flexible system that can be used in any domain of medicine, from mental/behavioral health to lab medicine and any place where securing protected health information (PHI) is critical. We are a platform that can get everyone from the clinicians to the administrative team on the same page. We were built in the large and varied academic medical center of Boston Children's Hospital but have found that there are endless use cases for Dock. From psychology to pharmacy, from internal medicine to GI and dentistry, any place where teams need a secure place to work and get organized for better patient care, we are the solution.

Why would we need a secure task management and collaboration platform? 

On a typical day, we are all overwhelmed by the administrative challenges of trying to provide good care (and that was before an evolving pandemic). Everyone from physicians to the administrative support staff is burnt out from the toil of the myriad tasks that result from everyday patient care. Before Dock, there was no good way to capture, delegate, prioritize and ultimately track these to-dos. In the end, this weighs on everyone and when things fall through the cracks, everyone suffers. Dock is here to make things more collaborative and efficient while reducing errors, dropped balls and provider stress.


What are these Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocols all about? 

Finding the right information is one thing, making it actionable and distilling it down to what is important is an entirely different challenge. In an emergency, being prepared and organized is essential. Getting your team on the same page with structure, accountability, and visibility is what it’s all about. We built Dock to do just that. 

We have taken the wonderfully informative but complicated guidance from the CDC and its vast resources and boiled it down to make it actionable. Dock is good at creating tasks, with subtasks, comments, and attachments. We have created protocols of these tasks based on CDC guidelines so you can leverage this structure for your own process, assign your team and give you a head start.

How long is this free? 

Before our decision to focus on the COVID-19 response, Dock Health offered a 30-day free trial and a subscription model of $20/user/month. In light of the urgent need for providers to access and process the most relevant information easily in order to take care of themselves and their patients, we have decided to make it free as long as it can be helpful during this public health crisis. We are clinicians and we are optimists. We know this will be challenging, but we also know we will overcome this. When the dust settles, we will be clear and give folks lots of time to prepare if a paid subscription is the right choice for you down the road. 

Is Dock HIPAA compliant?

Yes. HIPAA compliance and being a secure place for clinicians and their teams to work together is foundational to Dock. We were born at Boston Children's Hospital, the result of a busy physician wanting to find a better way to deal with the administrative challenges of a hectic practice. Dock is a secure platform that allows for patient context to be added to a task that allows clinicians and their teams to take the best care of their patients while making their work more manageable and less stressful - a win, win.

Do you sign BAAs (Business Associate Agreement)? 

Yes. A BAA is essential to HIPAA compliance and ensures that there is a legally binding contract between Dock Health and your organization to securely and safely manage Protected Health Information (PHI). With this in place, it is safe to use the Dock Health platform for patient information provided you and your organization appropriately manage access to this data. You or an authorized signer will be asked to sign a BAA before using Dock.

Who can sign a BAA for us? 

To ensure HIPAA compliance, an officer of your organization with the legal right to enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement should be the one to sign. If you have someone without sufficient authority sign the agreement (an office administrator, for instance), then it's possible you're failing to properly meet your obligations under HIPAA. During the signup process, you'll be able to send the BAA to an authorized signer - if it is someone other than yourself.

What if I don't know who to send a BAA to? 

Let us know, we're happy to help. If you're part of a large organization such as a hospital, academic medical center or health system there are often departments that handle these things. Just email us at support@dock.health or chat with one of us on Intercom - click on the little blue bubble in the bottom right corner of your browser.

How can I add patient context to a task? 

For each task in Dock, a patient can be linked so that each task or subtask has patient context. Adding a patient is easy and can be done by simply searching or selecting an existing patient from the Dock directory or creating a new patient profile. A new patient profile can be created during the process of creating a task or created in the patient page.


What can I do once I add patient context to a task?

Adding patient context to a task offers many benefits including easy access to contact information for calling a patient back (especially in the mobile app) and being able to see all the tasks for a patient across all of your lists. You can also create short notes in the patient profile for reminders and "one-liners" on a patient.

Can I add attachments to a task in Dock? 

Attachments can now be added to every task and subtask. Examples of attachments include PDFs, images, word documents, audio files and other important items. These attachments are stored securely, in a HIPAA compliant manner. You can easily preview most items such as PDFs, audio files and images by clicking on the file or choose to download the file to your computer. Please ensure that the files are downloaded to a secure device.

How can I add more people to my Dock account? 

As an administrator of an organization, you can invite new users and remove users at any time.

What if I don’t want the CDC Protocols? 
You are free as an organization owner / administrator to remove any list. Simply click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side of any list name on the list page. You can then either delete or edit a list.

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Free For COVID-19 Response

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